Connoisseur Corner

barolaBarolo 1999, Erbaluna, Vigna Rocche – We have a few bottles left of this single-vineyard, organic barolo from Erbaluna’s Vigna Rocche top vineyard (not to be confused with Erabluna Barolo, which is blended from several vineyards). It is fully-matured with mellow fruit and tamed tannins, and has been snapped up by prestige venues in London. We have 41 bottles left on a first come-first served basis. Fantastic with game or a 'proper' Sunday roast.

white botrytisWhite Botrytis 2001, Dominio Bagnoli, San Lorenzo – What a wine! a white for ageing. This is a dry noble rot white which is dense and smokey, with honeyed overtones. A work of art. Botrytis is an acquired taste, but it only takes a few sips to contract a passion for it, and this is the top of the range. Billed at 14 proof, this is not for the faint-hearted. Delicious with a really fine aged cheese, like pecorino tufato, or a vintage stilton. Equally with strong smoked fish, or venison carpaccio. A conoisseur drinker must perforce be a conoisseur palate on the food front! Among botrytis this is a jewel.

rosso di mantalcinoRosso di Montalcino 2005, Le Presi - This wine is such a knock-out that the small estate of Le Presi now use the the grapes for their inimitable Brunello. It is out of production. It takes almost as long as Brunello to revive from the bottle, but its dark fruit and complexity repay the effort. We have clawed it back from our top clients, and are keeping a few for ourselves. Only 24 bottles remaining, never to be repeated. You can always try their Brunello if you don’t get any of this. For our part, we’re taking the rest of the stock home.


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