New Year Offers

Subject: New Year Offers
Send date: 2011-12-27 09:38:48
Issue #: 26
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Dear friends,

We know somebody who went to a catered party in a pub the other night with our Morellino Red label, a real terroir wine and elegant to finish, in a paper bag.... the reason: they didn't feel like having a hangover for two days from drinking plunk!

For those of you who get to choose what you drink, for new year we recommend:

La Jara organic sparkling Rosé made from Pinot Grigio. Not exactly a rose, being the palest for rose, and not exactly a Pinot Grigio either, but as it were, an after-dinner dream of both...

And for the more reckless: a 1998 Spumante made from the little-known Friularo Grape. Bagnoli estate takes 6 years to produce this wine, among the finest méthode champenoise with very fine perlage. 4 years on its lees and then disgorged. At 13 years old it's perhaps the best ageing white on the market.

For your festive cheese board and/or dessert, a deep, velvety, sweet but tart Passito from the above-mentioned Friularo grape, by the same egregious estate: Bagnoli, stubborn as they come, with their grape variety pulled back from extinction which they say was popular with the Romans. This is a 2003 vintage.


Let's raise our glasses to 2012, which looks set to be very interesting, if not downright diabolical. No need for firecrackers this time round, things are a-popping all over the place - thank goodness for the small pleasures in life!

Campai, lochaiem, salute! Ehm, to the good health of the planet!

Silvio & Donatella

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