Novelties and Discoveries

Subject: Novelties and Discoveries
Send date: 2013-07-19 10:56:46
Issue #: 28
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Dear friends and Italian wine lovers,

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have finally updated all the new wines on the website, where you can browse for some of the 69 discoveries of the year : . Did you know you can use the search box to select by region or by type of grape?

Among them our amazing high-altitude Pinot Grigio "Soleil Couchant" from a cooperative in the alps of Valle d'Aosta, our smallest region. Review:
For those of you in the know, the Coop. Enfer also producer the Enfer d'Arvier, full of local grape varieties, a deep, fresh red full of mountain goodness.

On the theme of rare local grapes, Emilio Bulfon, is unbeatable in having brought back to life a whole selection of Friulan grapes; we stock the Picult Neri and the Sciaglin, a deep amber yellow creamy and rich wine most popular in the middle ages.

Now that summer has arrived you might want to try any of two Prosecco spumantes: the Antica Quercia Brut and Ariò. Our best-selling Villa Teresa Prosecco with its green apple freshness and companion sparkling raboso rosé have no peers in the "frizzante" category.

Preview: we are thinking of stocking Follador Cartizze... at a price. This is the king of Prosecco, charmat method, but he also makes a metodo classico, bone dry, for the experts.

Menti Giovanni makes the best Soaves in the restricted Garganega areas. It is hard to find a better white than his Monte del Cuca DOC.

We now have a selection of Sardinian wines : a peppery Vermentino sardo with long finish, two kinds of Cannonau and a Monica.

There are some reds beautiful to drink in summer: Our winning Barbera vivace, slightly foamy, fruity Barbera which benefits from being slightly chilled. Full of brambly fruit and bouncy red currants.

The Conventino dry Sangiovese Rosé, or the violet-scented Lacrima di Morro, along with its companion Verdicchio.

We've got two excellent Orvietos from Barbi, perfect for a summer dinner with good fruit balanced by outstanding acidity.

For the really adventurous try some late harvest, long-macerated biodynamic wines. Luscious and earthy, we have 3 orange wines, including a Spumante from Malvasia Aromatica di Candia from Pradarolo. Alberto Carretti believes in long macerations on the skin, no filtering and spontaneously-occurring yeats. Besides the spumante, there is a still orange wine of great distinction, a dense, viscous aged red, and a red and white "entry level". The red is so dense it doubles as a dessert wine, a Barbera and Croatina which is not very sweet for a late harvest, but sweet enough to sit between dry and dessert. The white is their signature Malvasia aromatica di Candia, honeyed nose, drier palate, is a dream with game pate, or strong and runny cheese.

If you though you knew Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, then you had better taste the Mondo Antico uniquely Lombardy (Oltrepò Pavese) biodynamic version of these grapes. The whole of the vineyard and cantina is in the bottle. Give it a little time to wake up, and you are inebriated with dense perfumes of earth and sun and soil...ripe fruit, wines as only our grandfathers ever tasted.

Having participated in both the Real Wine Fair and RAW, we followed with the Definitive Italian Wine Tasting where we were complimented on the outstanding list we presented.

If you would like some guidance through the bewildering profusion of grape varieties in Italy, just ring the office and we will talk you through the list and your preferences. Or just ring us to have a chat, discuss grapes and food, enthuse over your discoveries....

We look forward to hearing from you,

Donatella Nicola Silvio

Silvio & Donatella

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