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Friends and Enthusiasts


Hub Islington is our emotional “home”, is a starting and mixing point for social entrepreneurs and green innovators.

On Message, a media communication company and Energy Live News, which covers energy issues across the board including latest renewable issues and innovations. They work next door and they're constantly thirsty...

Italian Supper Club with Chiara, Toto and Silvio will delight you with delicious food, fantastic wine and a great atmosphere.....indulge yourself!

Wine Anorak is a fantastic wine resources on the web

Purple Pages by Jancis Robinson doesn't need any presentation, simply enjoy it!

We would like to thank Rosalie Pryor for the lovely illustrations exclusively done for DrinkItaly

Red Lobster Design (James & PJ) which preciously helped DrinkItaly.co.uk launch.

Julie Campbell and her fantastic Vinvixen which hosts the unique Wine Circus...great wines form all over the world!

Simon Cassina is a professional sommelier who knows every wine and everyone ; ) Check his blog which has always something interesting to say

The Independent wine review is a wine review website dedicated to bringing detailed and impartial wine reviews to both the consumer and the wine industry.


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