Basile - TUSCANY

Basile has its vineyards in the heart of Tuscany. They extend for approx. 34 hectares. They are mostly exposed towards South-West, in an ideal position for sun radiation. The soil has a prevalently calcareous composition; characteristic of this territory is the so-called “galestro”, a rock that crumbles in time because of bad weather, thus creating an ideal environment for the vines. These lands with a low clay content drain their excess water naturally, but in prolonged draught periods they remain fresh, permitting the vines to adequately nourish themselves, therefore allowing the grapes to ripen in a well balanced manner. These vineyards have been cultivated for centuries on our lands. In summer, the temperature rarely exceeds 34°Celsius, thus ensuring a dry climate thanks also to the constant ventilation of the land, with its wide open spaces and exposure to the sun. These very winds are what keep the grapes healthy, since they don’t consent humidity to affect them in early morning or in periods of frequent rainfall. This also permits to reduce to a minimum the treatment for the protection of the vines. Wind is present almost every evening, and it lowers the temperature considerably. This is why the grapes acquire the wonderful aromas present in wines such Comandante or Carta Canta. The farm has, from its very beginning, chosen to cultivate the lands with norms indicated by the Organic agriculture. The vineyards are surrounded by woods that create a great, natural protective barrier, and this preserves them from the possibility of coming into contact with chemical products used in bordering farms handled in the traditional agricultural manner. Manure and other organic materials of biological origin are used as fertilizers. To help fight diseases that might affect the vines, traditional products are used. Many operations (stripping of leaves, thinning out, green- pruning) are carried out manually on the vines and grapes to permit the plants and fruit to stay healthy and undamaged for as long as possible.