Le Presi - TUSCANY

Under Gianni's careful management, and with Bruno's precious suggestions, the grapes become wine in the new and fully equipped facility, recently buildt, but the ageing in oak barrels still takes place in the old cellar, in the core of the Mediaval village of Castelnuovo dell'Abate. It's the unique combination of this kind of care with our land and our climate to create, since 1978, the unduplicable soul of the Brunello di Montalcino with “Le Presi” signature: a production that's limited in numbers, but with unlimited care for quality details.Organically grown with low yield, for the never-ending pursuit of excellence in quality, the grapes are only harvested by hand in the four hectares of the estate, wonderfully facing South-East, and located just few meters away from the Sant'Antimo Abbey: the “Fosso” vineyard, planted by Bruno in 1970, and the “Piagge” vineyard, planted by Gianni in 1998.Since 1998 Bruno's son, Gianni, is in charge of the family winery with the usual professional approach and a renewed dedication.The origin of the name has a genuine taste: in fact “Le Presi” is the local term used in this area to describe the method of terracing the land in order to make vine-growing possible.The bond with the land and the century old traditions of Montalcino are the heart of this small wine estate, founded in 1970 by Bruno Fabbri with his own passion for viticulture.