Musaragno - VENETO

Moreno Musaragno, a deep love of the land, have chosen to adopt ecologically-friendly methods. Initially, the cultivation technique utilized conformed to the norms of an "integrated approach" to agricultural in which only the use of non-harmful chemical products and organic substances was permitted. Today, the winery has adopted the strict regulations of "biologic agriculture" in which all fungicides and synthesized insecticides are banned and vineyard cultivation utilizes natural methods only. In practice, this means not depleting the plants and terrain, keeping yield levels low in favor of improved product quality and safeguarding health and the environment. The biologic cultivation of the winery's grapes is strictly controlled and certified by the ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etico e Ambientale). "Pramaggiore, small town in the eastern part of the Veneto region, the verdant heart of the Venetian wine-growing region". It was here that in 1972 Cav. Dino Musaragno, well-known building contractor, realized his dream: build a winery to produce wines grown in his own vineyard. He started with 20 hectares that over the years have grown to 30, all dedicated to grape cultivation in a terroir-that of the "Lison-Pramaggiore" DOC-known for its terrain well-adapted to the most prestigious vines and where the passion and culture of wine cultivation has existed from time immemorial.