Bonotto delle Tezze - VENETO

The village of Tezze, in the municipality of Vazzola, is in the central eastern part of the province of Treviso. It is on the left bank of the river Piave, a few kilometres south of Conegliano. The Prealps and the gentle hills form a spectacular natural amphitheatre which protects the valley from the cold north winds. The sea is not far away and has a beneficial effect on the climate. Tezze is near the centre of that “Marca Trevigiana gioiosa et amorosa” famous for its beauty but also for its eccellent life style. The city of Treviso doesn’t need presentation. So rich of history and full of suggestive corners and also capable of living today a second renaissance.In a part of the vineyard gravel is prevalent and appears on the surface, in other places it is found at about ten or more centimetres under ground, and in others it is absent. The strong presence of carbonates, particularly evident in some vineyards such as Novalis and Montesanto, has a notable influence on the taste of the grapes. Finally infiltrations of clay favour the production of completely mature grapes indispensable to obtain wines to be aged.It is not just a case that along the banks of a river, as often has happened in important enological traditions of the world, villas and vineyards of particular architectural importance were built. An essential element of this new “Venetian Villas” trend is wine, fruit of a new viticulture and of a new enology, certainly better looked after and attentive to a more aristocratic and refined standard.At least 600 years of history bind the Bonotto family and the small village of Tezze, situated on the left bank of the river Piave, south of Conegliano. This area, in the first centuries after the year 1000, benefited from the fundamental contribution that medieval monasteries brought to modern European viticulture and wine- making . They were in fact the most important wine growers and vine diffusers. Adding to this from the beginning of the XV century several important Venetian families bought estates in the same area.