A field , a grape , two mad economists gone back to the earth, and a proliferation of genomes.  The return of brothers  Nicola and Emanuele  is to the paternal coastal land of southern  Abruzzo.  Titinge is a Cru from the Pàstino vineyard planted in 1970, using the now rare “diverse population”  system of planting, which allows a proliferation of clones from the same Montepulciano d’Abruzzo family.  That means each vine is unique and brings its special variations of genome to bear on the composition of the vineyard, giving its grapes a unique imprint specific to that piece of land, luxuriant  and rich in variety.  The estate produces just 1,500 bottles of this wine.  Dense fruit and spices, modulated by barely noticeable oak complete a full palate.  The tannis are soft and luscious, and though 15.5 proof, the alcohol takes a rear seat and is fully digestible.