Il Dominio - VENETO

Dominio di Bagnoli is one of the oldest wine producing properties in Europe. Though the Romans probably cultivated vineyards in this area of Northern Italy, the first written records mentioning wine production date from 954 AD. It was in that year that Almerico, the Duke of Lombardy, donated the Dominio di Bagnoli to the Church. By the 13th century, Benedictine monks were established here and had built a large agricultural complex that included a monastery and adjoining cellars.  By the 16th century, the wine known as Friularo di Bagnoli had acquired great prestige and was described in the works of such famous poets as Ruzzante and later by the Venetian playwright Goldoni. In 1778 another poet, Pastò, wrote a collection of poems called “El Vin Friularo de Bagnoli,” a work that was inspired by the wine which he described as “a precious balm”. The winery had its age of glory during the Venetian Republic. Lorenzo Borletti took over the management of the vineyard in 1990. Restoring the wine production to its former excellence became his mandate. To ensure quality, he cut production from about 3 million litres to about 300,000. Only the best wines are bottled and sold with the Dominio label for an annual output of about 180,000 bottles. The quality of the wine is once again widely recognized. All Bagnoli wines are made exclusively from grapes grown on the property. The production of each vineyard is kept separate and processed in our cellars. We are proud of our leadership position as a quality wine producer and are committed to maintaining the excellence of our wine by using the most state-of-the art equipment and techniques.