La Jara - VENETO

"La Jara" is in local dialect the name for "gravel". The calcareous white stones of the river Piave constitute this land. These lands constituted of stones, accumulate heat during the day to return it back slowly during the night, exalting the fresh and various fragrances of the wines. To make the most of these characteristics, great attention is given to the cultivation in the vineyard, with the application of biodynamic principles, the careful selection of clones. Nowadays the farm has several "cru", each of them having its own peculiarity. The institution ICEA (Institute for Ethics and Environmental Certification) certifies that our company uses a production system coming from organic farming.Geographical position, amount of sunlight, moisture and temperature are conditions that make the hillside slopes of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene unique. On these lovely hills,in the immediate proximity of the "Grave di Papadopoli", is the farm called La Jara which has vineyards extending all the way to the banks of the Piave river, taking advantage of a method of certified biological agriculture.