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DrinkItaly Newsletter - Number 3 - October 2010

Buongiorno friends and wine lovers,

Like a good wine, this newsletter brings you the expected, the unexpected and also a little something more. Discover the latest addition to our DrinkItaly wine cellar, find out about our forthcoming event and, as usual, take advantage of our special offers.

We are also giving away ten free tickets worth £25 each to The Wine Show (see details below) to the first ten of you who correctly complete our quiz.

New Wines:

Pinot Grigio DOC Montesanto Riserva Regale 2009     13°

Pinot Grigio Montesanto

Producer: Bonotto delle Tezze from Veneto
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio is made using traditional slow vinification processes, resulting in an unusual, richer version of this wine. Pinot Grigio is produced as it once was to preserve its natural fruit and mineral characteristics. Fermentation on the skins gives it a light copper, colouring – almost like an onion skin. This wine is aged in stainless steel using batonnage. It has a delicate, sophisticated taste of yellow peaches and tropical fruits with hints of pear accompanied by a crisp, long finish with a mineral edge. This is a wine of surprising depth, whose prime ingredient, time, is generously added to nature’s best.

Food Pairing:

Fancy to match this wine with an oriental dish? Or you prefer a more traditional Italian recipe? Our distinguished sommelier (and dear friend) Marco has some interesting suggestions for you.

A perfect match to all fish, this wine pairs especially well with salmon (even smoked). It is spot on with pasta in creamy sauces as well. Its aromatic bouquet, coupled with its high mineral content, matches the subtler oriental cuisine well.

We suggest to you try it with sweet-chili Thai noodles or Cantonese pork in oyster sauce and you will be delighted.

With Italian food, it works wonders when paired to Tagliatelle ai Frutti di Mare. Succulent and marinated tiny cuttlefishes, calamari and mussels go hand in hand with the wine's aromas of yellow peach and exotic fruit; whilst its round mineral edge binds perfectly with the richness of risotto rice. Delicious!

Special Offer of the Month:

This month we are offering members a further 10% discount on our new Pinot Grigio Montesanto. Take advantage of this special reduced price before the offer expires on 30th November 2010, please enter the coupon ID: Montesanto3011 during you purchase.

Member's Feedback:

Terra Musa Merlot

You may remember the red wine (Merlot DOC 2009 - Terra Musa) we presented to you in last month’s newsletter. In case you have yet to try this delicious tipple, we have received excellent feedback from Jo (one of our most aficionados fledged member) regarding this wine – it has been an instant hit! This is what she said:

Unusually smooth and silky, this light, breezy merlot proudly stands alone owing to its beautifully balanced and harmonious components: succulent, ripe black berry notes followed by a strangely pleasing grassy aftertaste, which cleanses the palate before the next sip...or slug! This is both quirky and memorable for all the right reasons.

We at DrinkItaly are always keen to hear your comments and have your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch. You can email us on info@drinkitaly.co.uk or if you’re partial to an Italian accent, give us a call on 0208 444 4628.

Forthcoming Events:

During the weekend of the 12th to 14th November, DrinkItaly will be exhibiting at The Wine Show at Olympia in London, stand D151. We will be giving away ten free tickets worth £25 each to the first ten lucky members who correctly complete the quiz below.

For those who are not fortunate enough to win, don’t worry! Tickets can be purchased at the Wine Show website and if you enter the promotional code: DI (on the website https://www.theticketfactory.com/tws/online/), you’ll get a reduction of two pounds from the price of the ticket.


If you would like to come along to The Wine Show at London’s Olympia, reply to this email with the answers to the following questions. The first ten of you who correctly complete our quiz will receive a ticket worth £25. The Wine Show is a prestigious annual event, showcasing the best wines from around the world.

With hundreds of stalls to visit and thousands of wines to taste, it is a chance not to be missed (although we pride ourselves that our natrually-made wines leave no hangovers, you may have to take alkaseltzer along to remove traces of the others)!

1) The signature red grape of Tuscany is:

a) Sangiovese
b) Nebbiolo
c) Cabernet Sauvignon
d) Sagrantino

2) The best Chianti Classico can typically be described as:

a) Light-bodied, with spicy red pepper and herb notes
b) Dense and inky, with a cooked fruit character
c) Medium to full bodied, with a supple texture and berry, cherry and chocolate flavours
d) Very tannic and dominated by tar, leather and coffee flavours

3) All of the following are sparkling wines, except:

a) Fiasco
b) Cava
c) Prosecco
d) Sekt

We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting those lucky enough to win tickets at The Wine Show.