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Newsletter 17th December 2010

Season's greetings to all DrinkItaly aficionados!

We know how tough it is going out in this cold weather to do our Christmas shopping. You could do the same from the comfort of your sofa, and have DrinkItaly to deliver directly to your door, or surprise your loved ones with a box of wine or one of our Gift Vouchers.

A dessert/cheese wine with a difference: our vintage Passito Friularo 1999


This wine is produced by Lorenzo Borletti in Veneto, the region of romantic and stunning Venice. The grape variety used to produce this wine is called Friularo. It’s an indigenous grape which is late harvested then hung to wilt (passire) in the lofts before pressing. The balance between sugar and acidity is exceptional so your mouth won’t be left with that sticky feeling you get with most dessert wines. Its distinctiveness lies in its sweet-sour taste that marries well with most desserts and is a perfect complement to mature cheese....having aged 11 years it has a luscious, velvet density that spells pure luxury. (please note: as most dessert wines it comes in a 50cl. bottle).

As a member you already get 10% off on all our wines, but we would like to give you a further 5% off on this special vintage sweet wine. Please enter the
coupon id: Passito5 during the checkout, it’s valid until the 23 December.

DrinkItaly’s video: thanks to all those appearing in the video for your kind comments!

Video on DrinkItaly

We have uploaded a video made by our neighbours, On Message. Some of you might find themselves in the video, which was filmed at the Wine Show this year. We hope you don’t mind, but if you have any objections please let us know.

Thank you for your comments and feedback, which help us improve and perfect our service, just as wine does over time! (some of us have high hopes for ageing that well).

Cheers from DrinkItaly

Silvio, Donatella and Marco wish you a happy and contented holiday season, and one full of interesting wines (preferably Italian).

Cin Cin !